Overview of course P4040

Title: The PID Instruction for the PLC-5 – Troubleshooting Basic Process Control Number: P4040 Length: 5 days Overview: A unique course for the PID instruction as used in Allen-Bradley PLC-5 controllers. This is a solid, nuts-and-bolts, hands-on course designed specifically for maintenance technicians who work with PID-controlled systems. A non-theoretical approach requires no experience in higher mathematics. Each single-student workstation includes a separate bench top trainer which provides a variety of hands-on exercises. Students first wire, configure, and calibrate the trainer’s analog input and output signals. The PID instructions are then programmed and configured. Once basic automatic control has been established, each student practices systematically tuning the PID loops for optimum operation. Additional programming exercises provide experience with operator interfaces for setpoints, manual control, basic data processing, alarms, and other common features. Students learn how to graphically analyze and interpret the responses of the PID loops as an aid to troubleshooting equipment problems. Although PID programming is covered, this course is not intended to be a programming class. The primary objective is to minimize equipment downtime by improving each student’s knowledge of PID control and by developing effective troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. Our unique Problem/Solution teaching method eliminates boring lectures and instead uses realistic tasks to keep each student actively involved in learning skills which are required on the job. Small class size with only one student per workstation allows the instructor to coach each student over-the-shoulder. By working independently, each student obtains the maximum benefit from the class regardless of previous experience and skill level. Although this is not intended to be an engineering-level course in process control, it makes an effective class to help students develop an intuitive hands-on “feel” for PID control. Topics: Please see detailed course specifications page. Students: Maximum 6 per class. Only one student per workstation. Date: Check our latest online schedule – or just contact us about scheduling a class. Cost: $2690 per student All of our courses are covered by our 100% money back guarantee. You’ll be satisfied with the results of our training or you won’t have to pay for it. Period. Location: 3343 Peachtree Road NE Ste 145-1370 Atlanta, GA 30326 Contact: For more information, or to register, just contact us at: Main: (770) 353-9699 Tool Free: (844) PLC-1010 info@keyautomationtraining.com