PID for process control

PID for process control … do your systems use this?

Many technicians consider PID control (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) to be the “deep end of the pool” when it comes to PLC programming topics.

PID is used for “process control” – which includes the automatic control of systems such as temperature, flow rate, pressure, and speed. The cruise control on a car is a good example of this type of control. Basically you tell the controller how fast you want to go (the Setpoint) – the controller samples the actual speed (the Process Variable) – and then the controller calculates an output value (the Control Variable) and sends that signal to the gas pedal.

Most other training vendors teach PID control based solely on the mathematical calculations behind the theory involved. Compare that approach with the hands-on exercises used in our Boot Camp classes. Here each student has an individual workstation available to set up and tune for a series of PID exercises on an actual working device such as one of our Hotrod trainers.

We have the hands-on equipment and the course material necessary to help you learn the troubleshooting skills required for PID control. If you need this type of training just give us a call – we’ll be glad to help you come up with a plan which will meet your requirements.

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