Function Block Diagrams

Function Block Diagrams – do your systems use these?

This is another “beyond Ladder Logic” method which is available for programming the ControlLogix and the CompactLogix platforms. Some technicians actually find this type of programming easier to troubleshoot than traditional Ladder Logic – because they can follow the “flow” of the signals from one component to the next.

One frequently asked question is whether there is a simple way to automatically “translate” from one programming language to another. For example, can we easily convert a program written as a Function Block Diagram into a Ladder Diagram program? The answer is no.

So regardless of whether you love it – or hate it – if your system makes use of the Function Block Diagram programming method, then you’ll want to invest some time and effort in learning how it works. Our Boot Camp classes have hands-on troubleshooting exercises available for this type of programming. Just let us know if you need to cover this particular aspect of PLCs.

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