Controller Tags

CLX Controller Tags

The tag listings for ControlLogix and CompactLogix projects are often quite challenging to navigate – at least until you get used to how the data is arranged. Here we have inputs, outputs, timers, counters, and everything else all thrown into one huge list – which in some larger projects can be about 300,000 items long.

Compare this layout to the arrangement used in the old familiar RSLogix-5 and RSLogix-500 systems (shown here for contrast) and you’ll see why many technicians consider this particular part of the RSLogix-5000 learning curve to be especially steep.

Besides having 100 predefined types of data to deal with, you’ll have to learn how user-defined data types, aliases, and multi-dimensional arrays all fit into the picture.

If you’re like most technicians, you’ll really appreciate the hands-on approach we use in covering these types of concepts. We never use PowerPoints – and no overhead projectors.

The more you touch it, work with it, and use it, the better you’ll understand the material – and the better you’ll retain the real-world skills that you’ll need to get your job done out in the field.

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