Comments from our Students

Below are a few samples of the “additional comments” written by our former students in their end-of-class surveys. We are still able to contact many of the students whose names are shown below and would be happy to put you in touch with them for reference purposes.

  • This is an excellent course no matter what skill level you are at. I’ve learned more here at Ron’s class than any other one I have attended.
    — Andy Dover
  • This class gave me an understanding on how a PLC really works! Class always keeps you on your toes and interested. Ron Beaufort understands these things and can teach you how to also. Thanks for the help.
    — Blake Farmer
  • Your knowledge, skills, and methods are excellent. Thank you for the training and hospitality.
    — Russell Shaw
  • Very informational! Clears up all the confusion and puts it in simple terms for anybody to understand. Not only does Ron’s PLC class teach you about PLCs, it also teaches great listening skills! Thank you so much, Ron!
    — Jody Foster
  • This course and instructor is by far the best training I’ve ever had. I’ve been an electrical technician for almost 20 years and only wish that I could have attended this course 20 years ago.
    — Billy Bond
  • Ron teaches the class in a way that anyone can learn PLCs. This class is the best training I’ve ever had. I absolutely think this is the perfect PLC class.
    — Tray Baker
  • This is an excellent class and I recommend it to anyone working with PLC-5.
    — Steve Morse
  • I just want to let you know that I always appreciate and admire your teaching methods – from PLC Boot Camp, PID, and now the ControlLogix. All materials, hands-on training, lab assignments, and especially your unique and different teaching method were all informative, effective, and impressive.
    — Eddie Pineda
  • This was a great course for getting us ready to transition to ControlLogix. I would have been lost without it.
    — Coury Clements
  • Thanks for opening my eyes about how a real scan of a PLC works and cut through some of the unexplainable into explainables.
    — Chad Roddy
  • I was on site for the ControlLogix course and found it extremely helpful that the classroom was set up with PLC-5 and SLC-500 as well. We used all three to give a strong basis for the ControlLogix and relate my previous experience. … I have had 2 full weeks of training by [another vendor] on the SLC500 and learned more [with Ron] during the first day than I had in both of my previous weeks training classes. I … have shortened my programming time drastically. Thanks.
    — Jason Bailey
  • This course redefined all of my knowledge of PLCs. I would like to continue my education with this company. Ron is the best instructor I’ve ever met.
    — Darell Nettles
  • This was the most informative, easy to understand instruction. Understanding the scan and how the processor thinks was the key to it all. … Thank you!!!
    — Jason Cook
  • Not only have I learned a great deal about ControlLogix, I am also better equipped to handle problems with PLC/SLC. This class sets the bar high.
    — Will Hanna
  • Mr. Beaufort’s style of teaching by breaking complex ladders down into simple steps really helped me to understand PLCs and how they work.
    — Greg Bone
  • When I arrived I had no idea what I was doing. I have learned more than I ever dreamed. Also I couldn’t believe how quickly the day passed. I was never bored.
    — Garry Reese
  • This was by far the best PLC class I have ever attended. Class content covered more than I could imagine in five days. Excellent job.
    — Edward Kane
  • Enjoyed the course a lot. Came in completely dumb to PLC logic. Leaving with a great understanding of PLC logic.
    — Craig Cox
  • Thanks for your detection of my knowledge base and knowing where to pick up and carry further! Super job, many, many thanks!
    — Chip Watts
  • This was the best PLC training class that I have ever attended. I thought that I knew a lot about PLCs and was proven wrong. A great learning experience.
    — Chuck Weatherford
  • This course is worth every penny of the fee. I wish I had taken it a decade ago.
    — Chris Dowtin
  • Ron’s course is the best one out there. He has opened a new world for me.
  • — John Ponoski
  • Ron teaches a great class. Of all the classes I have ever taken, I enjoyed this the most – and feel the most confident leaving the course that I will use what I learned. After 15 years of working on and troubleshooting PLCs, I finally understand them.
    — Dan McCarthy
  • The training was well worth the time and effort. A lot of useful information. There was never a moment to relax – you always have to be on your toes. You think you have it down, but there is always something else coming. I took both SLC-500 and CLX-5000 and they were the best training classes I ever had.
    — Sean Maurer
  • The most effective training I have ever had.
    — Roy Holwager
  • During my 30+ years in the maintenance field I have attended numerous training labs. This is by far the best. Thanks.
    — Bill Gibson
  • Ron is obviously very knowledgeable on the subject matter, but in addition to that, he is also very knowledgeable on how to effectively teach others and build teamwork.
    — Robert Tertocha
  • Ron was excellent at covering the required material. What I appreciated the most was Ron’s ability and flexibility to cover material not listed in the course curriculum. I have learned a great deal from this course.
    — James Crenshaw
  • Searches on ControlLogix have never worked for me even with [another training vendor’s] course. Now I can use them.
    — Chris Denlinger
  • Changed my way of looking at PLC logic.
    — Brian Gray